Important Announcement
for all AssetGeek Investors

Effective from 13 September 2019

Please Note: This important announcement, along with more detail and guidance, has also been sent today as an email to every AssetGeek investor.

Closure of AssetGeek

Due to an organisational restructuring of BDSwiss, our principal partner, AssetGeek as a start-up company and its STO will no longer be viable and will be closed down, starting from 13 September 2019.

Over the last month, BDSwiss and the AssetGeek team have had detailed discussions and made every effort to explore possible ways forward to maintain the AssetGeek project. Unfortunately, none of them is feasible.

How this will affect you if you are an AssetGeek STO investor

Because the AssetGeek STO is no longer viable and will not proceed, investors who have completed the Pre-Commitment Agreement to Invest in the Security Token Offering (STO) are no longer bound by it.

Instead, as of today, STO investors must now select only one of two Investment Choices in the BDXAlliance Dashboard to ensure their investment is transferred to a viable alternative. There are no other choices available and each is subject to Terms and Conditions.

We are truly sorry that AssetGeek as an STO and business will no longer be possible and we want to thank you sincerely and personally for your faith in the project and your investment to date.

Detailed information about the closure of the AsseGeek STO, as we as guidance as to next steps, has been sent to every investor as an email.

Our Investor Relations team is ready to provide you with all the support you need to complete the transfer of your investment to one of the two choices available to you and as detailed above. Please don’t hesitate to contact them by email at for help.

Thank you